by Ishmael

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Hudson Jefferies
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Hudson Jefferies Passionate, dense, complex and best of all, personal.

The best kind of emo-ish/math. Favorite track: Second Troy.


released April 28, 2015

Nick Otte - Bass, Lead Vocals
Aaron Silberstein - Drums, Vocals
Andy Werle - Guitar, Vocals

Words & Music by Ishmael



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All Sounds New Jersey

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Track Name: Eyes Like Mouths
Hide life all in a day's work
Run dry, so show me who's worth
Your eyes like mouths - they open to answer
Why so many stand side by side
Your eyes like mouths
They open to swallow
I'd so gladly stay entwined
High lights coming down and you're there dancing
I've been wandering around all the same haunted houses
Wondering what went wrong
Where you've been hiding out for all of this time
Track Name: Second Troy
Are you waiting for something?
It's gone away
Cut me out like pulling up your garden for fresh soil
I've drawn away
I lied when I said otherwise
I've always wanted you to stay
You kill the violence in my head
Step right out and back again
Where once were violets in your hand
Step right out and back again
Blame can't be placed on you for lack of verses that moved them on the day
Has anyone else seen these eyes reflect a quiet fire?
Track Name: Mention
Lie still to lie
Follow me turn away on our way to a place
Time will drop in decay
Give a name to a face
Fire-born, fall away
Let the moods have the day
Time drops in decay
Isn't silence the same as a lie?
Did I ask for anything I wouldn't give back?
But then again
There's a conversation I've denied and let lie
(safe and quiet)
An articulation might remind
(safe inside)
But don't mention falling, we're up too high
Remind but don't mention falling
We're up to our eyes in reminders of what it could be like
Were I to write what I've in mind
(Reminds of why I still lie still and wait until the time's right)
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
The colors they don't blur anymore
And I've forgotten the words I planned
Let's begin again
Calculate the time it takes us until we're overdrawn
Deactivate the past mistakes we've made until they're all but gone
I've been asleep for too long
Can that be real which does not have a name?
It all adds up but doesn't feel the same
Where do you go
I've been missing you
Where do you go because I've missed you
It's never enough - is it ever enough? - never enough
It's never enough
Did I fall asleep?
Am I all but gone?
The colors they don't blur anymore
Calculate the time it takes us until we're overdrawn
Deactivate the past.